14 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2018 & Beat the Backlist Signup! #BeatTheBacklist @BeatTheBacklist hosted by @AustineDecker Go Team #DeweyDragons!

      1. Right?! I was hoping for the same team, but alas the sorting hat thought otherwise! I have a few I might add to my list later – like all my BOTM books I haven’t read. 😹😹😹

    1. Awesome!! Good luck to you too!
      After looking at your post I think one you might be interested in is The Spirit Mage, but you’d have to read book 1, The Brothers Three (by Layton Green) first. It’s about 3 brothers and their friend who go on a dangerous adventure to a fantasy world. I think you’d like the assassin and the loyalty between the friends&brothers. I really enjoyed it so I’m looking forward to book 2!

  1. This sounds great! I haven’t yet got to grips with any 2018 Reading Challenges – and this year I think I should… I need to get down to doing it at the weekend:)

    1. Are you going to do any? This is my first year doing something like this but I think it’s just the motivation I need to tackle my ridiculous TBR pile. If you end up doing any, send me a link to your post!

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