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(GUEST POST) Tips for Improved Concentration While Reading by Steve Hobbs @best10tobuy


Guest post by Steve Hobbs

With the advent of internet and technology, less and less areas of our everyday lives remain unaffected. However minimal, influence remains. Our attention spans have shrunk, and minds directed to taking only bite-sized information.

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When it comes to reading, people are switching to online magazines and e-books. While the switch comes with its benefits, there is still a lot to give up. So whether you are someone who wants to resist the switch by investing more time in reading tangible book or make your online reading further productive, here are 4 tips for you.

4 tips for Better Reading:

1. Create the Right Ambience

leather club chair
Every activity has a mood setup; the optimum conditions to carry out the acts. For example, football is only fun when played in ground. Chopping is only easy when done on a cutting board i.e. flat surface; birthday is only complete with a cake. Likewise, when it comes to reading, mood is primitive. It is true that everyone has their own definition of comfort, but a lot of things work for most people. Take for instance the use of club chair in libraries. Club chairs, specifically leather club chair, is comfy, spacious and provides an environment for reading. Some people prefer rigid surfaces for concentration. Whether a leather club chair in nearby public library or a bench in a nearby garden, it is all about finding the right spot(s). If you are looking got a good chair for reading, here is a resource. Open the curtains; make a cup of coffee; turn up concentration music. Create the right ambiance!

2. Shoo the distractions

shoo distractions while reading
You will notice that a lot of times you either find better things to do than to read or drift away while reading. That is because there is endless pool of entertainment available online. Now if you are reading in hard copy, it’s easier. Just shut down your phone and keep it in a drawer. It is psychological to experience a feel of loneliness when you put the phone away, so don’t worry about that. One way to deal with it could be to decide on a time frame. Promise yourself to go check on your social media after say 20 minutes of reading. On the other hand, if you are reading online, close all the other tabs. You might be tempted to go back. Therefore, log out your device from any applications. You should experience a guilt trip while re-entering your credentials.

3. Pick the right book

choose the right book
You often hear people talk about how choosing the career they are passionate for is the ultimate way to success. Well, turns out it is true. The logic behind it is that you enjoy doing what you do. And when you enjoy your work, it feels effortless and thus, leading to success. Same goes for reading. Never pick a book you think you should read. Find something you will actually enjoy. Something that will grab your attention.

4. Track your reading

Have you ever wondered why SnapChat streak is such a success? It is the increasing number in streak that keeps people motivated. Same goes for reading. If you decide on a plan (assuming the plan the practical) and keep a track of how you have been doing. Crossing each day off will be encouraging.

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