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Hello awesome readers! Sorry for the looong pause. I feel like I owe a recap and update on upcoming plans.

Unfortunately a few months ago my grandma, and D’s mom passed away. It was very sudden and unexpected because I had just seen her and she seemed to be in such good health. She was such an amazing person and I love her and miss her so much.


Since then I’ve been busy with being depressed and doing the best to complete my schooling and clinical hours. I can happily announce that I have now taken my last final exam and passed the ARRT board exam! Before I was working full time (unpaid) at the hospital and taking classes so with that behind me, and hopefully just some gainful employment ahead of me, I should have a lot more free time to read and review. Thank goodness! I’m so sorry that in the meantime I have completely neglected my e-mail and all of my other plans.


All I’ve been reading lately have been review books so I’m glad to be able to read about something other than bones. Although I may still be reading about bones… because I will be reading for The Indie Horror Book Awards hosted by Cedar Hollow Horror. If you like horror keep an eye out for my reviews!


I have an upcoming review that is long overdue for Reading Blue Devils by Jon Bennett. This was an AWESOME book that I have been really been wanting to write the review for for a while, so I’m happy to finally have the time. It is a really funny book about a inner-city high school teacher who makes a deal with the devil. I highly recommend it, stay tuned for my review.

from afar

We have another upcoming guest review written by Andrea Lechner-Becker who is the author of new release, Sixty Days Left: A Novel. She has reviewed for us, From Afar by Frank Scozzari. Come back tomorrow to read that review! And stay tuned for my book spotlight of Andrea’s book, Sixty Days Left: A Novel.

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I’m really looking forward to jumping back in and talking about some wonderful books with all you awesome people. I hope you will all forgive me for my absence!

2 thoughts on “News Update from O

  1. I’m so glad you’re back and that you have successfully passed your exams. I’m also very sorry for your loss – it was clearly a horrible shock and you must have been griefstricken. All I would say is that she was clearly a vibrant lady with a real sense of fun – and having watched my own lovely gran being slowly swallowed up by dementia – at least she didn’t endure a long wasting illness with all the indignity and misery that entails. It is probably too soon to be able to derive any comfort from that thought – but I hope at some stage you will be able to do so.

  2. So sorry for y’alls loss. Welcome back. Deaths are deaths whether sudden or expected, you’re never ready for them. The saying, “She’s in a better place” is probably true here. Blessings on you and your family, Hon.

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