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Released Today: You, Me and Us. by Liam Hurley @LjHurleyWriter

You, Me and Us. by Liam Hurley was released today! Blurb: “F*** you for breaking my f***ing heart…” This is the heart-breaking yet hilarious story of Jimmy Rowland and Erin Poppet.

Cover Reveal · Excerpt

*Cover Reveal* Double Exposition by Jerica MacMillan @JericaMacMillan

  Double Exposition Songs and Sonatas Book 1 Jerica MacMillan New Adult Romance Release Date: November 6, 2017   Blurb: A former boyband star gets a little musical education from a sexy violinist. Will they stay in different keys or find a way to play in tune? The first time I saw her I knew… Continue reading *Cover Reveal* Double Exposition by Jerica MacMillan @JericaMacMillan