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Hello awesome readers! I’m excited to announce the First Annual Reindeer Reads Giveaway Contest! This year the contest will run from Dec. 2nd, 2017 to Jan. 2nd, 2018 at 12 am PST. Contest open internationally.

Find descriptions of the prize books and enter below. I’m very sorry I’ve been so swamped recently and I’ve been doing a terrible job at organizing this! Bear with me while I get the list of prizes finalized. Also, you’ll find some free books to grab now at the bottom of this post!

There will be 3 winners!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Enter Here:

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Prize Descriptions:

*NEW* Prize added! Roo I MacLeod was generous enough to offer up his book for the contest! And guess what, this is also our Book of the Month! What a score! (Sidenote: if you are interested in reviewing this series, please get in touch).

no more heroes

No More Heroes by Roo I MacLeod

No More Heroes is a fast paced, dystopian thriller set in a seedy, crime ridden and austere world. It is the first story in the Dystopian Thriller HEROES series featuring the vagrant hero, Street Boy, and the righteous vigilante copper known as Wolf Girl. On the crime ridden streets of Old London Town the law has been subcontracted and vigilante justice awarded to the highest bidder. A brutal, senseless murder is not headline news. A vagrant running from conscription is common place. But this vagrant was witnessed arguing with the deceased, So now the police want a word, As do the killers. Ben Jackman, a 20 year old idle vagrant by day, astute hunter of road kill by night, isn’t the man to take the fall. Proving his innocence is obvious, And finding the killer is crucial, But Ben needs a gun. Ben needs a big mother of a gun with a bucket of bullets, because the seedy streets of Old London Town have a new breed of criminal and they aren’t looking to take prisoners.

3 winners will get an e-copy. If you have already read No More Heroes you can request book 2 in the series instead! 


The first US winner drawn will receive a grand prize including a paperback copy of Up To No Good by Marsha Cornelius as well as an e-copy, plus a collection of e-books. Two additional winners will receive a collection of e-books.

up to no good

Up To No Good by Marsha Cornelius
Someone in the neighborhood is making porn videos in their home?
Busybody Rachel Sanders has got it into her head that because the blinds are always closed, something unsavory is going on inside the house down the street. But hey! It’s not just the blinds. There are never garbage cans at the curb, or a hose dragged out and left for days. She’s decided no on really lives in the house, they just slip in at night to make their adult films.
Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Rachel ropes her husband Brian into sneaking over one night to catch the culprits in the act. They only reason hubby goes along is that he might get a peep at the show for free. What they discover leads to hilarious blunders, botched stakeouts, and their own little sex act in the front seat of a Cooper.
What these two don’t bargain for in a dangerous criminal who decides to fight back.

3 winners will receive their choice of one e-book by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

She has many great books to choose from! See all of them on Amazon here.

Here are a few great options:

Two Witch books in one:
There are witches in the world…some are good and some of them are downright evil.
Amanda Givens is careful how she uses her benevolent powers. She doesn’t want the people of Canaan, Connecticut to know they have a witch among them…even a good white witch. For years, she’s lived quietly in a remote cabin with Amadeus, her quirky feline familiar. At first with her husband, Jake, the love of her life, until a car accident; but now alone after his death. But when she’s wrongly blamed for a rash of ritualistic murders committed by a satanic cult, she knows she can no longer hide. She’s the one the cult is after and she is the only one who can stop them and prove her innocence. Yet as punishment for fighting and destroying the cult, she’s drawn back in time by the ghost of the dark witch, Rachel Coxe, who was drowned for practicing black magic in the 17th century. Now, as Amanda tries to rehabilitate Rachel’s reputation in an effort to save lives, as well as her own, and falls in love all over again with Joshua, her reincarnated dead husband from the future, she has to rely on a sister’s love and magical knowledge, and a powerful sect of witches named the Guardians, to help her get home safely. ***
Witches II: Apocalypse:
The long-awaited sequel to my 1993 best-selling paperback novel Witches is finally HERE! Yes, witches exist…the good and the bad ones…and one day the two ancient adversaries of good and evil will join the fight for control of the world. Amanda has been told her ten year old witch-child, Lizzy, is fated to someday become one of the planet’s most powerful witches. If she lives. If the world survives. Because the world is being threatened by an anti-Christ called Reuben who is prophesied to bring the end of the world by destroying everyone and everything good–including the white witches and warlocks of the world–unless he can be stopped. The Guardians, a secret society of those white wiccans who protect others of their kind and the world from great evil, along with the powerful good witch, Amanda Givens, and her gifted daughter, Lizzy, must battle Reuben and his demonic followers. They must somehow change the outcome of the prophesied end times, aid a possible child of God, help the earth’s people to resist the black witches, demons and the soulless, which the times have brought forth and who are trying to bring hell to earth. Good and evil will be brought together for the final battles. Will Amanda, Lizzy, and the Guardians defeat evil or will it defeat them as they fight with all their strength and powers to save the people, the lives and the world they love. Who will win?***

Or, All Things Slip Away (The Second Spookie Town Murder Mystery Book 2) the sequel to, Scraps of Paper (The First Spookie Town Murder Mystery Book 1) which is free!

Or, Dinosaur Lake II :Dinosaurs Arising which is the sequel to the free book: Dinosaur Lake

More options to choose from:


3 winners get an e-book copy of all of the following:
1 Rarity Front Cover WEB (2)
Rarity from the Hollow
by Robert Eggleton

Lacy Dawn’s father relives the Gulf War, her mother’s teeth are rotting out,and her best friend is murdered by the meanest daddy on Earth. Life in the hollow is hard. She has one advantage — an android was inserted into her life and is working with her to cure her parents. But, he wants something in exchange. It’s up to her to save the Universe. Lacy Dawn doesn’t mind saving the universe, but her family and friends come first.

Will Lacy’s predisposition, education, and magic be enough for her to save the Universe, Earth, and, most importantly, protect her own family?

Rarity from the Hollow is adult literary science fiction filled with tragedy, comedy and satire. It is a children’s story for adults, not for the prudish, faint of heart, or easily offended.

3 winners get: Avalon Dreams (Avalon Chronicles Book 1) & Avalon Wishes (Avalon Chronicles Book 2) by Alexa Whitewolf

avalon dreams big

“It was impossible they had met before – of that she was certain. Yet his hold on her was undisputable, an irrational pull to the utmost recesses of her soul.”

Vivienne du Lac has everything she could wish for – a normal, peaceful life, a good job, cushy nest egg, and a semi-social nightlife. The only problem? She’s clueless to being the reincarnation of the Lady of the Lake, mythical sorceress from King Arthur’s time, and Merlin’s apprentice.

Sebastien Dubois is the guy you wouldn’t take home to mom and dad. He’s the one you jump off on a motorcycle with, to ride into the sunset. The sexual chemistry between them is sizzling from the start – but there’s more to the tall, dark and handsome stranger. When a magical past tumbles into her orderly reality, he is Vivienne’s only hope at survival.

Caught between darkness and light, a battle she has no intention to fight – let alone the knowledge to win – Vivienne quickly finds out not even closest allies can be trusted.

Can she look within and access powers from long past, become the enchantress Merlin meant her to be… Or will she lose it all over love, for Sebastien’s salvation? This is a battle between good and evil you don’t want to miss.

avalon wishes 2

“Before the dreams…Were the wishes.”

Part I: Friendship
Atrox is a deity who gambled hard – and lost. Shunned from his pantheon, he is sent to the underworld as a demon lord. His new job? Create havoc on Earth, corrupt the hearts of easily influenced humans and, overall, be evil.
Emrys is a young man, barely out of his teens, dealing with his father’s brutal abuse. When he learns the true origins of his Fae birth, he leaves his old life behind to seek a new one and become the one is meant to be: Merlin.
As these two opposites’ fates intertwine, Atrox and Merlin will battle, form bonds, and ultimately learn to respect each other for the good of humanity.
When another Fae enters the equation, not even Atrox’ warnings can keep Merlin away from the alluring woman. Unaware he is putting the fate of the world in danger, blind to anything but the will of destiny throwing them together, Merlin will stop at nothing to protect her.
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

Part II: Love
Vivienne, magical princess of Elsior, was born to a great destiny.
Mordred, son of two powerful beings, was born to an evil fate.
In the second part of Wishes, the previous characters intertwine with these two game-changing personalities.
While Vivienne grows and learns to use her powers under Merlin’s tutelage, Mordred builds on the hate for his father, gaining in magic. He is a shadow to Vivienne’s every step, one not even the faithful Alistair can keep her safe from.
In the midst of the forming of Camelot, of Arthur meeting Guinevere, Lancelot falling for her, Vivienne and Mordred’s deadly rivalry will increase – but to what end?

Part III: Loyalty
He was the boy who would become the greatest leader.
She was the woman who ensnared him, to ultimately betray him.
Arthur, born by Merlin’s hand and taught by him, grows to be a fearless leader. When his mentor brings him to a courtyard with a sword embedded in stone, he has no idea just how much his life will change.
Guinevere steps into the king’s life like temptation itself, and Arthur is lost with a single glance. He is unaware of the calculating intentions hiding behind the baby blue eyes, and even less of her lack of loyalty.
As Guinevere spins a web intricate enough to capture both Arthur and Lancelot, Merlin has to deal with demons from his own past.
And through it all, the budding rivalry between Vivienne and Mordred is about to come to a head…

All 3 winners will get an e-copy of:

you me and us

You, Me and Us. by Liam Hurley

“F*** you for breaking my f***ing heart…”

This is the heart-breaking yet hilarious story of Jimmy Rowland and Erin Poppet.

Jimmy Rowland has the perfect life. He works in his favourite bar by day, and by night he lives his dream with his two best friends in his band.

Erin Poppet crashes into Jimmy’s life like a beautiful storm. He falls in love with her as quickly and as deeply as possible. The intensity of their relationship leaves Jimmy with a broken heart, a useless vacuum and a demon inside him.

Jimmy’s dream life quickly becomes a nightmare when he loses his dream job and destroys his musical career live on stage.
When he hits rock bottom, he decides he only has one choice, to rebuild his life from scratch. He has to get back the life he had before Erin.

This is her story. This is his story. This is their story.

Or as Jimmy would say…

“… this is the story of You, Me and Us.”

All 3 winners will get an e-copy of:


Hardened Hearts

(A short story anthology) by  Gwendolyn Kiste (Author),‎ Meg Elison (Author),‎ Tom Deady  (Author),‎ Somer Canon (Author),‎ John Boden (Author),‎ Laura Blackwell  (Author),‎ Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi (Author),‎ Theresa Braun  (Author),‎ Eddie Generous (Editor),‎ James Newman (Foreword)

17 stories of difficult love, broken hearts, lost hope, and discarded truths. Love brings pain, vulnerability, and demands of revenge. Hardened Hearts spills the sum of darkness and light concerning the measures of love; including works from Meg Elison, author of The Book of the Unnamed Midwife (Winner of the Philip K. Dick Award), Tom Deady, author of Haven (Winner of the Bram Stoker award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel), Gwendolyn Kiste, author of And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe and Pretty Marys All in a Row, and many more.
Hardened Hearts dips from speculative, horror, science fiction, fantasy, into literary and then out of the classifiable and into the waters of unpinned genres, but pure entertainment nonetheless.

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Free books!

Click on the book covers below to find these freebies on Amazon.

Prices subject to change, be sure to check the price before purchasing.

 Have you ever wondered what a writer’s early years were like and how it affected their future writing and the stories they would tell later in their lives? Have you ever wondered what their childhood Christmases, their early holidays, were like?
Well, wonder no longer. This story is about one of my most cherished childhood Christmases…in 1959 when I was nine years old. After my beloved musician/singer/songwriter brother Jim passed away in 2015 from cancer I felt an intense need to write this short story about that special Christmas Eve I shared with him, my other siblings, mother, father and grandparents, and put it out there for everyone to read as a tribute to him and my family. This is my story, part of my childhood, and some of my fondest memories. Note: in the late 1970’s I did a series of illustrated (by me, because I’m an artist, too) short stories for my local newspaper and I’ve used one of my old article drawings from that newspaper from 1977 for the first page of this short story.

Dark Short Stories by Glenn McGoldrick:

Free short stories by one of my favorite authors, Jeff Chapman. Get 2 more freebies by subscribing to Jeff Chapman’s newsletter

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