(REVIEW) Snobbity Snowman by @MariaBardyukova & Quiet Riley Jr

Merry Christmas! Today I am sharing a cute holiday illustrated children’s book with you.


Snobbity Snowman

snobbity snowmanAuthor: Maria Bardyukova, Quiet Riley Jr
Category: Illustrated Children’s Book, Holiday book
Suitable for: All Ages (3-7)
My Rating: 5 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle copy provided by the author in return for an honest review.
Pages: 34

Description: Snobbity Snowman has an air of superiority from his up-turned nose. But one day the family who built him moved away and other people came along and piece by piece tore him down and stealing his arms, scarf, buttons, hat, nose and even his eyes. He opens his coal eyes from inside the fireplace of a poor family’s home and realizes all his parts have brought them joy and comfort and he feels quite content. Then, happily, some children rebuild him but now he is no longer a snob with his new big potato nose.

In Short: A cute winter story about helping others in need. First the snowman helped the poor family then the neighborhood kids helped put him back together. Kids who love Frosty the Snowman will love this book. Feel-good holiday reading that isn’t specific to Christmas and could be enjoyed all winter. I would recommend this book as a great addition to any family’s holiday reading collection.

Pros: The art is fantastic. It is beautiful and brightly colored with a high level of detail. I like that it didn’t talk down to the age group and instead will teach kids some new vocabulary words. It may be difficult for young readers to read alone (at first). There are also a few small puzzles at the end of the book to keep the child entertained. Overall cute story with positive messages and a happy ending.

Cons: I have no notable issues with this book.


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    Great view, had the pleasure myself couldn’t fit into this month sadly.

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      Thanks! I know how that goes, seems to happen to me each month!