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Kings of this World by Peter Bailey — Spotlight

Hello readers. Whatcha currently reading? I’m reading The Reflections of Queen Snow White and it’s pretty darn good.

Today I wanted to share with you a recently released book that sounds very interesting:

Kings of this World by Peter Bailey

If you have read this book and have any thoughts about it, please share them with me in a comment!

Blurb Off Amazon:

Matthew is just trying to hold the wreckage of his life together after his girlfriend left him for another woman. A chance to review a West End play seems like a lucky break, until it turns into an X-rated nightmare. The next day London tears itself apart, people make love in the streets and kill each other over a dirty sandwich. Overnight everything changes, the city is very quiet, people smile and nod, but what they smile and nod at is only visible to them. The only other normal person is Jeremy, sarcastic, intelligent and frequently wrong. Together they form an uneasy alliance that lasts until cone shaped aliens land and begin harvesting people like wheat. The last two survivors in London begin a desperate search for a way to stop the aliens before it’s their turn, unaware that millions of people have already killed themselves to give them the perfect weapon. Will Matthew and Jeremy realize the weapon they have been given before its too late?

Sounds like an interesting survival horror, doesn’t it?

Also, be sure to check out this new release today, 8-1-17. Racially charged thriller: Little Boy Lost by J.D. Trafford.