The Black Blade By Jeff Chapman — First review on the new blog!

I wasn’t sure when I should do my first review on this new blog but as I was writing a review for one of my favorite authors I knew it should be this one. This book was awesome so why not kick it off with a 5 Star book.

Without further ado, our debut review of The Black Blade by Jeff Chapman:

5 stars

The Black Blade

A Huckster Novel

the black blade

Author: Jeff Chapman

Genre(s): Weird Western, Paranormal, Supernatural, Thriller, Horror

Suitable for ages: 12+

My Rating: 5 Stars

Format Read for Review: Kindle copy provided by the author in return for an honest review.

Pages: 137

Description: Orville and Jimmy are a couple of hucksters just trying to earn a little (dis)honest money. Working as a faux clairvoyant, Orville has a knack for reading people to figure out exactly what they want to hear in exchange for a little coin. Jimmy is his faithful friend and assistant who hides behind the curtain adding the special effects that take their act to the next level. One day they are a little too convincing and a mysterious Doctor employs them to help with a supernatural matter. Chasing dollar signs Orville gets himself into a heap of trouble and forces Jimmy on a quest to save everyone involved. The quest is of course for the Black Blade. Set in the wild west with supernatural creatures and a magical blade, this book is a #mustread Weird Western.

In Short: I have never read a book set in the weird west before and I was pleasantly surprised by this book! I loved the magical aspects that were so flawless blended into an old west setting and the story was incredibly action-packed, exciting, scary, and fun to read. Jeff Chapman’s writing never ceases to amaze me, with just the right amount of suspense and wonderfully crafted characters I was glued to their story.

Pros: The writing is fantastic. I have become a huge fan of Jeff Chapman and would read anything he writes. This book is the perfect length. It is non-stop action and makes for a quick read without leaving anything out. At times I laughed and other times it was scary. Like his other books the language wonderfully matches the time and place of the story. I loved the grandma character who is often quoted by Jimmy. These quotes add humor to tense situations and give you a really good impression of this off-screen character. I also loved the stubborn and brave Isobel. I loved to hate the creative invention of the Pindigo. Think wendigo, then think pig, pretty scary right? The magical elements were not underplayed at all and I really appreciated how diversely and consistently they were used throughout the story. The main bad guy was terrifying but also flawed giving you just the smallest strand of hope for the heroes. I loved the ending it was both satisfying and ominous and it was not a cliffhanger but did make me want to read more. I need to know what happens next and also want to read more about these characters that I have grown so fond of.

Cons: I have no notable issues with this book.

Parent’s Guide: Violence, fantasy violence, death, blood. (No sexual content).


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  1. Jeff Chapman says:

    Love the new look for the blog and thanks for the review. I feel honored to be featured as the first review.