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Released Today: Luska: Book One in the Spearfinger Series by Will Robinson @Willgacus *Excerpt*

Released Today,

Luska: Book One in the Spearfinger Series

by Will Robinson



Knowing the future can be burdensome, especially if that future is filled with death and destruction. Eidi Nimogen finds herself aware that her world is speeding toward cataclysm, yet there is nothing she can do, or so it seems.

Witty, dour, and sheltered, Eidi is a unique, precognitive, young woman born on the divided planet of Luska and in a galaxy dominated by humanity and seemingly devoid of alien life. Eidi and her family must struggle to survive an invasion from a Byzantine, brutal culture where the only escape is to flee to a mysterious, hellish, jungle planet. There they make unlikely allies of an enigmatic AI and former enemies as they struggle against shape-shifting, mind-controlling deities, nightmare simians, deadly parasites, and a surprising, tyrannical foe from their home planet of Luska.

But the real danger lies in the showdown that is taking place between a long-dormant alien race called the Jadujj or Deathedge, and the anti-alien, god-like Eth, where the ramifications of their confrontation could decide the future of the galaxy and the direction of humanity.


At last we catch up to the ring and dock. The artificial gravity is comparable to Luska’s pull, if slightly stronger. From there I am marched into an immensely wide expanse full of military banners, barracks, and thousands of soldiers drilling, shouting, singing, sparring, and gearing themselves for battle. It is spectacle unlike anything I have ever seen.

Likewise, it is a somber realization. The sophistication of the machinas-teq and the unmitigated numbers of soldiers is unimaginable. I do not think that even the Idrix in its magnificence could put on such a pageant. My initial reaction of admiration gives way to dread as a black fox shrouds my thoughts with woefulness. This is going to be the fate of the galaxy for the next millennia: wars of conquest, enslavement, and brutality. I implore the gods, gods that I had formerly forsaken and repudiated, to call on some other force, somewhere, poised for the fray that could smash these vain, unworthy dogs.

But that is a temporary delusion, for I am alone absolutely, and in the navel of the enemy.


“I envision my true self in the dun-colored future, but my shell of a body exists in the past, going through the motions of a life I have already seen.”

“That night I don’t sleep well. I am still recovering from my spell and I have a terrible sense of foreboding that I cannot shake, the words burning and churning keep going through my mind.”

I turn around quickly, balling my fists instinctively, feeling pain like I had placed my left hand into a vice. But it doesn’t matter; I am focused on the creature in front of me.”

will robinson

Author Bio:

When not drowning in coffee and writing his 500th best-selling query letter, Will likes to play frisbee with his border collie, hike, fish, and ulcerate. He also enjoys trying to remember how to art and reads a lot of sci-fi, Amazon author bios, literary fiction, historical fiction, anthropology, science, history, Ikea instructions, and cereal boxes.


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