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Owlcrate August Subscription Unboxed! @owlcrate

Hello awesome readers! Today I’m going to unbox the August subscription for OwlCrate. You’ve probably heard of this hugely popular monthly subscription that sends members a limited edition hardcover young adult book each month with incredibly cool coordinating swag. The novels usually have something special like sprayed edges or a special edition cover and are always signed by the author. This month’s book has all of the above and came with a nice letter from the author giving you a little background and insight into her book. August’s theme was “Written in the Stars” and I was so glad my time on the Wait List was short-lived and I was able to grab this box!

Spoiler warning, if you haven’t already gotten your August box due to shipping delays and don’t want to ruin the surprise of what is inside you might want to look away now!

Let’s see what is inside!

Let the unboxing begin!

First up, this cute glass jar full of push pins! This is going to look adorable on my shelf and how convenient for any time I need a pin! As suggested in the box you can also fill it with fairy lights once emptied, what a neat idea.

Sorry my pictures wont do any justice to the contents of this box but this pin is gorgeous and glittery. Double pins on the back will keep it in position!

There is also a silver ballpoint pen with a star on the top and a gorgeous clipboard. Pretty and practical!

I regret now not taking a better picture of this head scarf because the design on it is so pretty. There are a lot of ways to wear a bandanna, I’ll happily be using mine as a headband to keep my hair out of my face!


I love this book sleeve! Not only does it look awesome but it’s perfect for keeping my reading material safe on the go. Especially my paperbacks of which I have many and don’t like to leave home for too long without!

Now for the big reveal! The main event, the book! From the provided swag could you figure out what the book was? I had no idea! *drumroll* it’s…

Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar with gorgeous purple (my favorite color) sprayed edges. Isn’t this cover stunning? The edges are a rich purple that looks even better in person.

I’m excited to read this book and experience the magic, Hindu mythology, beautiful prose, friendships and fantasy for myself!

Book Blurb off Amazon:

The daughter of a star and a mortal, Sheetal is used to keeping secrets. Pretending to be “normal.” But when an accidental flare of her starfire puts her human father in the hospital, Sheetal needs a full star’s help to heal him. A star like her mother, who returned to the sky long ago.

Sheetal’s quest to save her father will take her to a celestial court of shining wonders and dark shadows, where she must take the stage as her family’s champion in a competition to decide the next ruling house of the heavens—and win, or risk never returning to Earth at all.

This gorgeously imagined YA debut blends shades of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust and a breathtaking landscape of Hindu mythology into a radiant contemporary fantasy.

Brimming with celestial intrigue, this sparkling YA debut is perfect for fans of Roshani Chokshi and Laini Taylor.


Overall, I’m really happy with this box! And now I can’t wait for next month’s theme which is ‘A Glorious Haunting’ ooOOooOooo sounds spooky good! If you’d like to get your own Owlcrate subscription you’d be doing me a big favor by using my referral link: