Q&A with Martti Nelson — Author of LYSSA STRATA

Hey awesome readers, today I am joined by Martti Nelson author of newly released comedy LYSSA STRATA. Find the interview and more info about her book below!

Interview with Martti Nelson,
author of LYSSA STRATA


This is obviously a unique tale, what do you think makes it special?


One of the best things my beta readers told me about LYSSA STRATA was that it was hopeful. It’s a comedy about politics, gender, and power that is hopeful. And that was my whole goal, because I think just about everyone feels powerless in this, the year of our hell 2020. I think that’s one of the things that makes LYSSA and her story special—hope. And a helluva lot of humor, because that’s how I roll.

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?


I hope readers will walk away from LYSSA STRATA feeling like they can do whatever is seemingly out of reach. That it’s not futile to strive, to keep fighting, and to love yourself while you’re doing it, even in the dark moments. It’s the message I desperately needed while I was writing it.


Wow, that’s a message I think a lot of us could use. Especially in these strange times.

I enjoyed your funny stories on your Medium page, how would you describe your humor?


Wow, thank you so much! I grew up with a dad obsessed with broad satire, and I was quoting Young Frankenstein at a shockingly young age. I can still sing every song from The Blues Brothers! So I’m basically the lady Mel Brooks who writes feminist comedies. Or so I like to tell myself.


What got you into comedy?


It’s the way I cope with life, which right now is—looks around at the world on fire—challenging, to say the least. Plus, I have an overwhelming goal to make every reader, no matter her race, creed, orientation, ability, gender, weight, height, or favorite flavor of Doritos, feel like a damn rock star. Because we are! And because women get the opposite message from many other sources, which sucks.


When not being funny what do you like to do in your spare time?


I am wild about yard work! Yes, this glamorous author is ultra-happy when covered in dirt and back spasms from tending my garden, grass, and fruit trees. Also, my husband is the greatest person who has ever lived, so I’m super into him and our cat, Otis. Here is Otis. Everyone should read my book to make him happy.

Otis 1


You have to spend the night in a haunted house and you can bring one person along (living or dead) who will join you?


The boring answer is my husband, so that we could get it on while kinky ghosts watch. Maybe not so boring, ahem.

My interesting answer is Anne Boleyn. Any lady who can hold off a jackass like Henry VIII for seven years while he dumps his wife and starts an entire religion for her is a badass. Plus, we can gossip about her shitty husband and call him names while we ghostbust with our proton packs.


Haha, I love both of those answers.

Thank you so much for chatting with me! It’s been really fun and I’m looking forward to reading LYSSA STRATA.


Thank you so much for having me on your blog!


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LYSSA STRATA by Martti Nelson_CoverShe’s mad as hell, and she’s not gonna give it up anymore.

Librarian Lyssa Strata has long begged the Town Council of Athena, Massachusetts, to repeal its disgusting old misogynist and racist laws. But the Council, an all-male entity for 400 years, has blown her off as a redheaded spinster—who, according to a 1673 law, should legally be run out of town at the end of a musket upon a poor fiscal year. So Lyssa seeks to invade the male bastion as the first woman ever on the Council. The men in charge treat her candidacy as a hilarious joke, which does not impress the female townsfolk.

The women are damn tired of being second-class citizens. For example, it’s illegal for them to use a toaster, as the manipulation of buttons is thought to impede brainwaves and cause menstruation. They decide to wield the only power left to them: Lyssa leads them on a sex strike as a revolt against inequality. The fellas are enthusiastic supporters! LOL no, they protest and issue death threats. Yet, when the national news shows up to cover the contentious election, everyone finally starts to listen to the ladies.

In retaliation against the motley crew of sex-strikers, the Council enacts the antique laws they assured Lyssa were merely charming historical trivia. She is accused of witchcraft and thrown in the stocks, as one does in 2020. Now this bookish dork, once content to hide in the stacks and distribute quiet feminism via checkout, is burning down her torture device and sending the evils of the past to the dustbin. When you want something done, do it yourself.

Or don’t do it—they’re on a sex strike, after all.


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Martti Nelson author photoAuthor Bio:

Martti Nelson is a humor writer in LA, specializing in comedy, satire, parody and general nonsense. She lives with her husband, cat Otis, and a little lemon tree she is way too proud of. Her dream job is to write filthy skits for Rupaul’s Drag Race or to cuddle baby elephants. If she could manage some sort of “elephants wearing sequins” situation, she might faint from happy. She also leads a secret life of writing steamy novels, but don’t tell anyone.

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