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#Shelfie A Sneak Peek at My Reading List and Summer Hauled Books (Part 2)

Hello awesome readers! Today I wanted to share a peek at my book shelf, part 2! Since covid-19 caught us between homes I don’t have my full library set up, and sadly most of my books are in boxes, but I do have my recent summer hauled books neatly displayed on a shelf for my daily admiration. On the top shelf I have my recent summer purchases, and on the next shelf signed books from authors.

Today, I’ll be sharing my books from authors, these are the books at the top of my TBR! I’ll list the books and their descriptions with affiliate links to Amazon for more info and buying options. I’ve also updated the photo of my shelf! As you can see it’s getting a little more occupied!

Let me know if you discover something new and tempting and let me know what you are currently reading in the comments!

Here are the books on the lower shelf, the books sent to me by authors or publishers for review. Many are new releases! There is a big variety of genres here so let me know if you discover your next read on this shelf!

. . .

Bullied, The Question and Sofa Boy by Scott Langteau & Various Artists

These are great illustrated children’s books that I’ll be reviewing soon. Each one has a great message and gorgeous full page graphics. Perfect books to look for if you want to get some back to school reading for that awesome youngling in your life!

Bullied by Scott Langteau, Illustrated by Erik Ly


A wonderful parent and classroom resource for books on bullying, BULLIED follows the day-to-day struggles of 7 young targets of aggression alongside their tormentors from adolescence to adulthood in a story spanning decades.

Written by veteran Video Game Producer and bullying survivor Scott Langteau, BULLIED is a modern-day inspired anti-bullying picture book that casts light on a route to self-acceptance and empowerment by taking readers on a realistic modern journey of bullying scenes from today’s middle school landscape. On that journey, readers discover that accepting and staying true to oneself and examining one’s behavior and its motivations serve as powerful and empowering messages for both the bullied, and bully alike. A Mom’s Choice award recipient for 2019.

This eBook version developed with Kindle Create contains read along audio performed by the author himself with a “bullying” quiz for the readers to take at the end, or for teachers to employ in the classroom. The book also contains video trailers for two of the author’s other “classroom-friendly” titles.

Similar to Palacio’s “Wonder”, though the creative inspiration for BULLIED came by way of personal experience from the author’s own life experiences in small-town Wisconsin, he also worked closely with educators, school administrators and youth counselors to help mold the inclusive school-centric content of this book.

The result is a powerful anti-bullying message for late elementary through middle school students that sparks conversation and self-examination on the many faces of bullying (sexual identity, cultural issues, cyber-bullying, body shaming, religion, social hierarchy, xenophobia and more).

As a strong resource for books on bullying, BULLIED covers territory that every parent, young adult, and teacher should know and address where this subject is concerned. Teachers, counselors, youth leaders, and parents of middle school children will discover ample material and scenarios to discuss — from the dual perspectives of the bullied to the bully him or herself.

BULLIED makes for a great educational classroom tool for the bullied, the bully, or the would-be bystander!

Scott J. Langteau hails from the small Midwest farming community of Seymour, Wisconsin where he grew up alongside 11 (yes, 11) brothers and sisters. He has degrees in theater from the University of Wisconsin — Stevens Point and Villanova University. In Los Angeles, he has worked as an actor, writer, producer — and now author for nearly twenty years. Scott is best known for performing the role of Producer on numerous critically and commercially successful titles in the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty video game franchises. He has also worked as producer, writer and lyricist for the likes of DreamWorks, the Jim Henson Company, and Disney/Pixar.

Scott is also the award-winning author of three full-length children’s titles: “Sofa Boy” and “The Question” (ages 4-8) and BULLIED (ages 9-12), all available in both hardcover and enhanced eBook here at Amazon. Scott’s 4th book…”The Frog at the Window (an Animal-Invaded Christmas Tale)” is scheduled to arrive in the fall of this year!

BULLIED is a 2020 recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award (Gold Medal). The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) evaluates products and services created for parents and educators and is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. Using a rigorous evaluation process, entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost. Around the world, parents, educators, retailers, and members of the media trust the MCA Honoring Excellence seal when selecting quality products and services for families and children.

The Question by Scott Langteau, Illustrated by Lidat Truong


After watching the snowstorm of the season blow into his neighborhood, a young boy wakes to find his town literally buried beneath mountain of snow. Possibly stuck inside his house for the rest of the winter, survival questions of every shape and size race through his mind — including one that tugs at his thoughts to the very end of his adventure. “The Question” is a wild journey through the mind of a child, with an ending so honestly relatable, you can’t help but smile.

Sofa Boy by Scott Langteau, Illustrated by Rion Vernon

All 3 of these books are amazing and I highly recommend them. In Sofa Boy, the art is like nothing I have ever seen before in a children’s book. You wont want to miss it. These books are so creative and wild, I guess that’s what you get from a video game producer turned writer!


A young boy discovers that lounging on his favorite sofa playing video games around the clock is not all it’s cracked up to be. His lack of attention to basic hygiene, fresh air and exercise wreaks havoc on his young body, and before long our little lad finds himself a prisoner of his own design (and the fascination of many an on-looker) as he becomes joined at the hip with his increasingly disgusting environment.

Sofa Boy is a humorous and beautifully illustrated lesson-learned about moderation — a lesson that goes down easily with a warm and hearty chuckle.

. . .

Everyday A**holes by Dean Blake

Nope, you aren’t seeing double! The author sent me an extra copy to GIVE AWAY! Check back soon because the giveaway is right around the corner! If you’d rather not try your luck and you want to grab a copy now, I’ve also been given a coupon code to share with you. You can use the code ODBOOKS when ordering here to save an additional 5%.

This is a book of very funny and highly relatable comic illustrations. I saw plenty of personalities I recognize in these pages even myself! No one was safe from being poked fun at, but it’s all in good fun and it was refreshing to read something so humorous! Have you been seeking out more humor book in 2020 too, or just me? My review will be posted soon along with the giveaway!

Here is the blurb off Amazon:

“The greatest book ever created.” — Dean Blake

“Vote Dean for president!” — Dean Blake

“When will you pay me back?” — Dean’s dad

For the first time on Kindle! Inspired by our favourite everyday a**holes, this first collection of over 160 irreverent sketches by Dean Blake contain some of his earliest (and most popular) online works.

Spanning over two years of the author’s career, Everyday A***holes introduces us to a cast of characters we’re only too familiar with.

Meet Helen, who literally has an a**hole for a boyfriend. And Mr Nigel, who was unfortunately cursed with a generic pedo face. And let’s not forget Carla, who annoyingly forgot to spit in her husband’s coffee again.

Laugh, cry, grit your teeth, run away—whatever you choose to do, know that this e-book was destined to be in your hands. Or, at the very least, a present for that friend of yours who needs to chill out and secretly chuckle once in a while.

This e-book has been customised especially for you, dear online Kindle reader. So if you’re looking for humorous comic and picture books, funny drawings, parodies, joke books or gifts, satirical drawings or something with kind of (sort of, maybe) similar vibes to Hyperbole and a Half, Cyanide and Happiness and The Book Of Onions, but also kind of different to them altogether, then this is the e-book for you.

WARNING: This e-book is not for the easily offended.

. . .

The Eidola Project by Robert Herold

This one sounds so great and is a highly anticipated read for me!


Eidola [ahy-doh-luh]: phantoms; apparitions.

It’s 1885 and a drunk and rage-filled Nigel Pickford breaks up a phony medium’s séance. A strange twist of fate soon finds him part of a team investigating the afterlife.

The Eidola Project is an intrepid group of explorers dedicated to bringing the light of science to that which has been feared, misunderstood, and often manipulated by charlatans. They are a psychology professor, his assistant, an African-American physicist, a sideshow medium, and now a derelict–each possessing unique strengths and weaknesses.

Called to the brooding Hutchinson Estate to investigate a rumored haunting, they encounter deadly supernatural forces and a young woman driven to the brink of madness.

Will any of them survive?

. . .

Victorian Songlight by Dr. Kathy Martone

This one has been out for almost a year and though the reviews are positive there isn’t enough of them! Amazon doesn’t really do much to help sell books under a certain amount of reviews so I’m glad I can help contribute to that total. Of course the real reason I picked this one up is because I’m a sucker for magic and it sounded really good!


The birth of a magical child at the time of the Devil Moon sets the stage for heartache and misery, magic and supernatural love. Beset by unrelenting obstacles and bestowed with remarkable psychic gifts, Kate is often accompanied by fantastical black ravens who carry her through time and space. Victorian Songlight is a tale of redemption and renewal, death and rebirth, triumph over darkness. But most importantly, it is a love story.

. . .

First Gear: A Sadie Hawkins Mystery by Patricia C. Lee

This is a newly released cozy mystery with a strong female lead that both D and I are eager to read!


Recently divorced, petite and feisty Texan, Sadie Hawkins, struggles to get her newly established logistics business off the ground and when the opportunity to haul antiquities, including a mummy, drops into her lap, she jumps at the chance. But when her cargo gets stolen and a fresh corpse mysteriously replaces the mummy, Sadie is arrested for theft and suspicion of murder. Out on recognizance thanks to her lawyer ex-husband and not willing to watch her business sink farther in debt while the police search for clues, Sadie yanks up her cowboy boots and does some investigative work on her own. Stymied by her lack of success, she reluctantly enlists a few members with specific skills from Streetsmart, an organization made up of rehabilitated young adult offenders. While taking whatever moving job she can to keep her business from going under, Sadie endeavors to uncover the truth, the whole time wondering if this crime is some form of retribution for an incident in her past. But when things spiral out of control and Sadie is caught in the killer’s crosshairs, it appears not even her accomplices in Streetsmart will be able to save her now.

. . .

Parasites (The Navigator Series Book 1) by Matthew Samuels

I always have to sprinkle science fiction into my TBR! Good sci-fi can really blow your mind and take you to beautiful new worlds!


At the end of the universe, the very fabric of reality is beginning to contract, winding up to the Big Crunch. Alone and isolated on the planet Lyra, humans evolved late on a resource-poor world. Doomed to die out as food and minerals dwindle, a scientist makes a chance discovery allowing people and vehicles to travel through ‘thinnings’ — patches of space linking universes.

Kael and Alessia are explorers charting where the thinnings go and more importantly, bringing back valuable resources to Lyra, trying desperately to extend the lifespan of their home world. Alessia’s father, Ben, set out two years ago to uncover another species’ reference to a ‘solution’ to the big crunch problem — but never returned. A chance discovery leads Kael and Alessia to a clue, prompting another expedition to see if they can avoid the mistakes of the past and help to unravel the mystery.

Kael, Alessia and their gruff bodyguard Basteel retrace Ben’s steps, seeking closure for Alessia, a solution for Lyra and together begin a voyage through wild, weird and wonderful planets.

. . .

The Orange Grove by Kate Murdoch

Historical Fictions are one of my long time favorite genres especially ones laced with secrets and subterfuge! This one hasn’t quite been out for a year yet and already has some great reviews. Of course, like I said before, it’s never enough with Amazon, so I’m happy to add my review.

Blois, 1705. The château of Duc Hugo d’Amboise simmers with rivalry and intrigue. Henriette d’Augustin, one of five mistresses of the duc, lives at the chateau with her daughter. When the duc’s wife, Duchesse Charlotte, maliciously undermines a new mistress, Letitia, Henriette is forced to choose between position and morality. She fights to maintain her status whilst targeted by the duchesse who will do anything to harm her enemies. The arrival of charismatic tarot reader, Romain de Villiers, further escalates tensions as rivals in love and domestic politics strive for supremacy. In a society where status is a matter of life and death, Henriette must stay true to herself, her daughter, and her heart, all the while hiding a painful secret of her own.

. . .

Peter and Peter 2 by Daniel Dismuke

I’m so excited to read these books before they go to the big screen!


A member of an ordinary family unfortunately has his days cut short. It seems this family was far from ordinary. His death leaves the Jameson family in pure agony. Every family has a past: some grow apart, and some grow closer. For the Jamesons, the future brings remembrances of past suffering. Kyle’s death becomes the town joke, and Amy Jameson discovers someone is watching her. Was Kyle’s death not an accident? Is someone out to kill the remaining members of the family?

I’m not going to post the blurb for book 2 in case it spoils the conclusion in book 1, but basically I think we can imagine a new mystery emerges as the survivor(s) of book 1 try to get their life back on track.

. . .

Let me know what you are reading and if you discovered any new books in the comments!

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