(REVIEW) Spooky Followers by S. Y. Robins


Spooky Followers

spooky followers coverAuthor: S. Y. Robins
Category: Cozy Mystery
Suitable for: Teen thru Adults
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 407


This book has five short murder mystery stories.

Spooky Followers

Story One is about a woman named Lorna that speaks with a man and then sometimes a woman on her walk home from work only to find out that they are ghosts and these ghost will need her help.

The Death Next Door

Story Two is about a tea shop Owner named Milly who’s friend goes missing. Milly suspects her friend has been murdered so she sets out to find out what happened to her friend.

Gone Missing

Story Three is about Milly that owns a tea shop. When the towns burglaries turn to murder Milly’s secret crush Callum’s nephew is suspected. Milly and Callum work to find who really is responsible.

Cold Death

Story Four is about Milly’s secret crush Callum’s girlfriend is found murdered and Callum is suspected. Milly can’t believe he would have done it so she works to clear his name.

Killer Tiramisu

Story Five is about Hannah a 22 year old apprentice chef. When the boss dies after eating Hannah’s Tiramisu everyone suspects Hannah of poisoning her. Hannah realizes that she is on her own to clear her name.

In Short:

I really enjoyed these five short stories. I like the characters in these books and that I had to keep guessing on who done it.


These stories where good murder mysteries that kept me guessing until the end.


I had no notable issues with this book.

reviewed by D sm