(REVIEW) Timekeeper by Tara Sim @EachStarAWorld

Hello awesome readers. I got a review for you today for a book that I absolutely loved. This is a book I never wanted to put down. I feel terrible about how long this one has been on my TBR but I'm happy to have finally devoured this backlist book. I hope you'll enjoy my… Continue reading (REVIEW) Timekeeper by Tara Sim @EachStarAWorld

Book Spotlight · Excerpt

*Book Spotlight & Excerpt* If I Die Before I Wake by Martii Maclean @MacleanMartii

Vreni is fifteen and cursed. The curse was placed on her grandmother centuries ago and has been passed down through the women in her family, so Vreni has slept and woken at the whim of the curse since her birth over a century ago. She is kept isolated from the world by her reclusive family, and yearns for a normal life- shopping, boys, even just being allowed to go to school. Her family grants her wish to spend a day in the city and her sheltered, predictable life unravels.

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Sequel to The Automation

Sequel to the mythpunk novel, THE AUTOMATION, has a title...    The second volume in the Circo del Herrero Series has been given an official title: The Pre-programming. This indie novel follows where the The Automation left off. In The Automation, the story follows nine ancient capital-A Automatons of Greco-Roman myth. Publishers Weekly called the book "charming" and Tales of the Talisman gave it… Continue reading Sequel to The Automation