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Hello awesome readers. I got a review for you today for a book that I absolutely loved. This is a book I never wanted to put down. I feel terrible about how long this one has been on my TBR but I’m happy to have finally devoured this backlist book. I hope you’ll enjoy my review and let me know in the comments if you’ve read this book and what you thought of it!

5 star rating for book Timekeeper by Tara Sim


timekeeper by tara sim book coverAuthor: Tara Sim
Category: Steampunk, LGBTQ Romance, YA, Alternate Reality Victorian England Historical Fiction, M/M Romance, Time Travel
Suitable for: Teens+
My Rating: 5 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle copy provided by an author/agent/publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Pages: 450

Description: Danny is a clock mechanic who repairs clocks and can even see and fix damaged time. He had no problem bringing back 2 o’clock when it was stolen from one small town, but he can’t free his father from a town that has stopped in time. Someone is bombing clock towers and Danny is risking a lot trying to uncover the truth and trying to find a way to bring his dad back. Meanwhile, Danny is falling in love with an unlikely boy who’s very love could have catastrophic consequences.

“Time pulled at his skin, whistled in his ear, blurred his vision. The tower was warning him, begging to be fixed. This was no joke.”

In Short: I loved this book. It was so full of action and emotion, a sweet love story that wasn’t without its hurdles. And many, many obstacles for the hero to overcome to save the day. It makes you think how much could you sacrifice for the ones you love and could you sacrifice your relationship with them for the good of others?

“Through them, we can control time–or give ourselves the illusion we can. The burden is ours now. We are the Timekeepers.”

Pros: I loved the characters. They each have unique personalities and their own depth and hidden secrets. Danny was a very sympathetic protagonist that you can’t help but cheer for. You can tell this was a well-researched world. I loved the way in this world the culture of 1870s England was largely altered by earlier technological advancements. This created different roles for women than they truly had at the time. There are female characters with jobs that even include being automobile mechanics, like Danny’s best friend Cassie. This society was also more accepting of homosexuality than the real Victorian England. I liked that Danny’s orientation wasn’t one of the conflicts of the story and instead just a part of who he was. I liked the love story. It built at a natural pace and at times was really gooey sweet! The story was full of wild twists that I didn’t see coming and I never wanted to put this book down. I could have read it a lot faster if my toddler would have only let me! I liked the myths that were revealed throughout the story and of course the magical way Danny fixed and manipulated time.

“True love is selfless.”

Cons: I have no issues with this book.


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  1. thebookishlibra says:

    Yay for no cons at all. Now I really need to pull this book off my shelf and finally start it.

    1. odbookreviews says:

      You totally should! I can’t recommend this book enough! I hope you’ll like it as much as I did. Let me know what you think once you’ve read it!