#MiniReview The Frosell Affair by Heddy Frosell da Ponte

Hey awesome readers! Hope your day is going well! Got a quick book review for you today of something a little different. A conspiracy thriller set in post WWII France and based on actual events. It was an interesting read, and if it sounds like your sort of thing be sure to check it out! Now here is my review, be sure to leave a comment if you pick this title up!

5 stars

The Frosell Affair

the frosell affairAuthor: Heddy Frosell da Ponte
Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Historical, Political, Thriller, Conspiracy, Heist, WWII, Biographical
Pages: 215
Format read for review: Kindle copy. (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

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This is not a genre I would usually seek out but I’m glad I read this book! I was blown away by this story and the heartfelt way in which it was told. It’s about so much more than the war, reading it, you unwind a conspiracy where the conspirators took advantage of the chaos of the time to frame an innocent man and steal his fortune. It is a particularly sad story because it is told by the daughter of the framed man who at the time was only a child and had to see her family fall from opulence to ruin as a result of this plot. Her father had thoroughly documented his account of what happened giving the author a first-hand account to share to clear his name. The personal nature of this story gave the characters in it unexpected dimension.


“And not one of them could have anticipated the beginning of the nightmare awaiting them upon their return to Paris.”


This book quickly pulls you into the story with beautifully emotional language and a shocking yet suspenseful prologue that shows you a tragic moment before taking you back in time to the events that led up to that point. This is a book that I devoured quickly as I experienced all the ups and downs the story had to offer. As the events unfolded before my eyes I so desperately wished they could be changed but sadly these events would have transpired in the 1940s and all we can do now is gain a better understanding of what went on in Paris after the end of the war. I don’t want to spoil any details about the story by saying more so you’ll just have to read it and experience it for yourself! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical novels or political thrillers.


“His salary was to have been an almost nominal two francs per ton delivered. For Frosell, though, it was not about the money, it was about doing whatever he could to keep his family and their fortune safe.”

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