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My Favorite Books Read in 2018 #Top10 Featuring authors: @jlightbody11 @jbennett830 @tbraun_author @MadinaPaola @jasekovacs @RRJames14 @casorensen @girlswantago @andrewcull @JennyTwist1

Hello awesome readers. It’s almost 2019 here in Cali and time to share my favorite books that I read in 2018. Without further ado, here is my list! In no particular order.

Top 10 Books of 2018


ava black the bug jar cover

The Bug Jar by Ava Black
(Psychological Thriller, Crime, Mental Illness Awareness)


Reading Blue Devils by Jon Bennett
(The Devil visits an inner city school in this Contemporary Fiction, Satire)

fountain dead

Fountain Dead by Theresa Braun
(Horror, Haunted House, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ, Diversity)


The Step-Spinsters by Madina Papadopoulos
(Cinderella Retold, Her step-sisters side of the story)

ebb tide

Ebb Tide by Jase Kovacs
(Zombie Survival at Sea)

monsters in the clouds

Monsters in the Clouds by Russell James
(Dinosaurs in our time)

the nightmare room

The Nightmare Room by Chris Sorensen
(Haunted House Horror)


Cordial Killing by Vikki Walton
(Cozy Mystery set in a B&B)

Short Stories:

hope and walker by andrew cull

Hope and Walker by Andrew Cull
(Ghostly Mystery)


Flipside by Jenny Twist
(Sci-fi Romance)

happy new year.jpg


This year I was a judge in the Indie Horror Book Awards so I read some extra special books that have inspired me to give you one more category from my reading experiences for the year: Most F*cked Up Weird Shit I Read in 2018. These were not books I enjoyed reading .

The shocking books that take the prize of
“Most F*cked Up Weird Shit I Read in 2018” are:



Siphon by A. A. Medina
(Horror. That bit where he chooses the prostitute on her period for a little snack was tooooo much.)

honger 2

Honger 2 by Terry M. West
(Horror, Vigilante Justice, Vampires. That was some twisted sh!t!)

body of christ

Body of Christ by Mark Matthews
(Christian Horror. Yea, no, that’s not really how menstrual cycles work thankfully.)

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