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New Release – Splish, Splash Takin’ a Bloodbath by Mark Allan Gunnells @MarkAGunnells‎ Renee Miller @ReneeMJ‎ Eddie Generous @GenerousEd @UnnervingMag

Out tomorrow:

Splish, Slash, Takin’ a Bloodbath

by Mark Allan Gunnells,‎ Renee Miller,‎ Eddie Generous

Eighteen gruesome, blood-dripping, gape-wounded tales of slashers, predators, final girls, perverts, cannibals, and otherworldly nasties from authors Mark Allan Gunnells (Companions in Ruin and Flowers in a Dumpster), Renee Miller (Church and Smolder), and Eddie Generous (editor of Hardened Hearts).

From the classroom to the campfire to the cemetery, Splish, Slash, Takin’ a Bloodbath offers an outside view of what should be inside a body, be prepared to scream!

Splish Slash


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