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First Lines Fridays — July 3, 2020

Welcome to another First Lines Fridays, a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words that I discovered over at One More Chapter (be sure to check them both out). What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author, or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines? If you want to make your own post, you are welcome to use or edit my banner, and follow the rules below:

  • Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page
  • Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet — you need to hook the reader first
  • Finally… reveal the book!

If you’re using Twitter, don’t forget to use #FirstLinesFridays!

Here we go…

“I drummed my fingers around the mug of hot chocolate as I stared at the door, impatiently waiting for him to enter. He was supposed to be back fourteen days ago. Occasionally there was a delay if he has a particularly complicated contract but never fourteen days.”

These are the first lines from the following book…

down spiralling hand writting arror

TAD Mock-upThe Assassin’s Daughter by Shana Vernon

Soon to be released!

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Vampires, Series

Amazon | Paperback | Goodreads


I’ve been hiding from the Guild since I was born.
If they knew about my magic, they would kill me in a heartbeat.
I should be avoiding them, but instead, I enter the Guild as a regular human recruit.
Papa went missing after a mission, and I need answers.
I realize I might have bitten off more than I can chew when my new instructor is the guy I kissed a few months before.
It doesn’t seem like Cade recognizes me without my disguise, but if he does and blows the whistle, I’m as good as dead and so is Papa.
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2 thoughts on “First Lines Fridays — July 3, 2020

  1. thebookishlibra says:

    Thanks for sharing this teaser. It sounds like an exciting read. The cover is gorgeous too.

    1. odbookreviews says:

      It was definitely an exciting read, that’s a great word for it! Loads of action. I agree, I think the cover is eye catching!
      Thanks for the comment, I hope you are reading something fun right now!