Illustrated Children’s Book (REVIEW) Harry’s Spooky Surprise by N.G.K. & Janelle Dimmett


Harry’s Spooky Surprise!

harrys spooky surprise ngkAuthor: N.G.K.
Illustrator: Janelle Dimmett
Category: Illustrated Children’s Book
Suitable for: All ages, Ideal for ages 2 to 7.
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 32


Harry the mouse leaves his house late one autumn night to collect an important list of things. His wife is worried about him going out alone in the dark, because he might get a fright. As he visits each friend to borrow items from them they remind him not to be scared of the dark. Once he has everything he needs he uses it to throw a surprise party to say “Thank you!”

“The dark isn’t scary. Please don’t be frightened and please don’t be wary!”


The art and rhymes are really cute, fun to look at and fun to say. The vocabulary is very basic, best for the youngest readers, but then the font could be a little challenging for them. The reader will wonder what he is going to do with all those items he is borrowing and the result is really cute, even if I’m not sure what he was saying “Thank you” for. He could have also said thank you to all the friends who let him borrow stuff to further enforce the lesson. It’s a good message to remind kids the importance of expressing gratitude and it also teaches them not to be afraid of the dark. So, overall really cute story with good lessons for kids. There is a cute Halloween theme to it with the occasional Jack-O-lantern but it isn’t overtly Halloweeny, so kids could enjoy it all autumn and other months as well.

Many of the Harry the Happy Mouse books are free right now for Kindle, so if you have a little one that you think would like them you should give them a looksie.


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