(Mini-Review) Polar Bear Postman by Seigo Kijima

Mini-review for illustrated children’s book, Polar Bear Postman by Seigo Kijima. Like last week unfortunately this is another example of why I hate getting illustrated children’s books from Netgalley.


Polar Bear Postman

polar bear postman by seigo kijima illustrated children't bookAuthor: Seigo Kijima.
Category: Illustrated Children’s Book
Suitable for: All ages, ideal for 4-8
My Rating: 1.5 Stars
Format Used for Review: Kindle copy received by the publisher/agent/author in exchange for an honest review.
Pages: 32

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*Spoilers Ahead*

It’s hard for me to rate this book because the e-book formatting has too many errors. Text is all over the place, out of order, and contains nonstop errors in capitalization. First letters of sentences are rarely capitalized and “I” is not always capitalized. A few pages in, it didn’t appeal to me as a good book for children. Especially with talking about the eating of babies and how yummy that is. One character even expressing they hadn’t eaten one recently but enjoyed eating them in the past. The lost bird ends up being raised by other parents before finally being found, and by the time they are found they are grown and ready to start flying, so that is kind of sad. The book is wordy but the words used are simple with no new ones to expand the little one’s vocabulary. The art is nice but the inconsistent sizing of the animals when they appear side by side is weird. Birds are larger than bears and so on. Overall, I couldn’t get into this book. The story is OK but the formatting and errors made it too distracting to enjoy and the story got off to a rocky start for me to begin with. If I had received a version without the errors it might have been a different rating.

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