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I absolutely love October. I have a bunch of dark reads all lined up for the month. Today I have one of them for you. The Princess and the Vampire by Jeff Chapman. I am a big fan of Jeff Chapman. I think this is the 6th book of his I’ve reviewed!

Jeff Chapman also contributed to this Anthology: Spirits in the Water that was just released yesterday! You have a chance to win a copy of it along with 6 other fab books at our: October giveaway contest! His story in Spirits in the Water is: The Water Wight. Blurb: When a drowned girl changes her mind about suicide, Merliss and her associates face a fearsome, preternatural creature. Coming later this month is: Cat Sidhe: Into the Witch Lands I starring the same protagonist, Merliss! Enjoy an excerpt of Cat Sidhe here!


Released yesterday, Oct. 3rd!

Now onto the review of The Princess and the Vampire!

The Princess and the Vampire is a short story that was original published in this anthology: Midnight Diner 3. It can also be found in this anthology: Tales of Woe and Wonder. I found a copy of it in a BookFunnel giveaway about a month ago.





The Princess and the Vampire

the princess and the vampire by jeff chapman

Author: Jeff Chapman
Category: Dark Short Story, Historical Fiction, Vampires, Horror
Suitable for: Adults
My Rating: 5 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle copy provided by BookFunnel giveaway.
Pages: Unknown (242 Loc)

Description: A foolish Princess who is bored of mere mortals decides she wants a Vampire to be her husband. What happens when you invite evil into your home? The Princess is about to find out.

In Short: This is an entertaining short story with a vampire theme and a dark sense of humor. I recommend this to anyone who likes horror, vampires, or otherwise gothic tales.

Pros: I know I’ve probably said this about all of Jeff Chapman’s books but, very well written! Though short, the story is full and detailed. I loved the ending. I found it to be humorous, realistic and even a little surprising. I laughed at the ending. In hindsight that might have been inappropriate but seriously, good stuff. I thought the characters were all well developed despite the length of the story. It’s too bad for the Princess that she never let her Advisor advise her on anything. Her hubris made her unlikable and I liked the monster characters instead!

Cons: I have no notable issues with this book.

Parent’s Guide: Violence.

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