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My New Journal from Soothi @ShopSoothi — Now, what to write?

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays, and Happy New Year!
A new year, a new adventure!

ODBR soothi close up.jpg

Today, I wanted to share this gift I got from Soothi. It is a beautiful handmade leather journal with the quote “In the end we’ll all become stories.” by Margaret Atwood embossed on the cover. The first thing I noticed (besides how gorgeous it is) is the craftsmanship! I thought, wow, this thing is going to last forever. And then my mom’s new pit bull puppy got a hold of it! We managed to mend the damage to the top of the spine! Phew! This is the kind of journal that is someday found in the attic of an old vacant house, covered in dust and full of secrets from the past. Journals like this become treasured family heirlooms and I am inspired to fill it for my descendants.

ODBR soothi pages.jpg

Not only is the cover well made and durable but when I opened it up I was thrilled to see beautiful handmade paper! I read on their site that it is tree-free, environmentally friendly, and fountain pen friendly. It even smells good, you book lovers know what I’m talking about. This journal has a natural and timeless feel to it. Soothi has different journals, scrapbooks and more in many different styles. This would make a great gift for anyone at any stage of life, to share their thoughts, ideas or stories. The perfect companion for writers of all types.

(Images of different journals from Soothi.)

My journal shipped quickly and was well packaged. Soothi has given me the coupon code: ODBOOKREVIEWS to share with you so that you can get your very own journal at a discount! Follow this link to browse their collection and see if there is anything you, or a loved one would like! Using that link should automatically put a coupon code on your cart as well!

ODBR soothi front cover

My thoughts:

* Stunned by the quality.
* Feeling inspired to write.
* Love the look, feel, smell of it.
* Would make a fantastic gift.
* Perfect portable size (5″ x 7″).


From the Soothi website:
“A journal is more than a work surface. It’s a landscape. A self-portrait. A stage. It’s a launch pad. A treasure chest. Home-base and H.Q. It’s where it all started. Where the magic happens. Where dreams becomes reality. It’s the one dedicated place, throughout history, across the globe, where we all go to think, learn, write, sketch, plan, invent, improve and reimagine.”




So lovely readers, here is where I need your help: What should I write in this/what should I use it for? I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions! Do any of you keep a journal like this? I think the first thing I may write in it is about how it survived the teeth of a pit bull, haha!

mittens sm
Here’s the adorable monster in question. Maybe I’ll have to pop this photo into the journal.

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