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#ShortReadsSaturdays Review — The Wrong House to Burgle by @G_T_McGoldrick


The Wrong House to Burgle

A Short Story

Author: Glenn McGoldrick
Category: Short Story Fiction
Suitable for: Ages 12+
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review: Free Kindle copy received from a newsletter.
Pages: 16

Description: After his house is burgled a man seeks out the thief with a scheme for revenge.

In Short: If cozy revenge is a genre, then this book is it. I would describe this short fiction as a “light thriller” that isn’t scary or gory but does make for a quick fun read. If you want a quick read with a surprise twist, that also isn’t too dark, check it out.

Pros: The story is well written and interesting. The main character of the story isn’t your typical protagonist. He isn’t sympathetic and is actually pretty irrational and quite frankly a loon. The flaws of this character’s personality make the story more interesting. This story has a believable, realistic feel to it that makes it more chilling. This is also a good cautionary tale for why you shouldn’t make it public knowledge when you will be going out of town.

Cons: I think my biggest issue with this story is that I felt it doesn’t live up to the title. I was very into the story but I expected it to go farther than it did. Due to the short length I found it to be entertaining but not emotionally engaging.

Parent’s Guide: This book is clean.

I have Nightmare Waiting on my reading list and after reading 2 short stories by Glenn McGoldrick I am really looking forward to it!

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