(REVIEW) Illustrated Children’s Book — What You Gonna Do With All That Belly? (My Crazy Stories Series)

Just in time for those Halloween treat bags, an illustrated children’s book about candy, and that you shouldn’t eat too much of it!


What You Gonna Do With All That Belly?

(My Crazy Stories Series)

what you gonna do with all that bellyAuthor: Daniel Georges
Category: Illustrated Children’s Books, Health & Fitness
Suitable for: All Ages, ideal for ages 3-8.
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 26


Ronnie loves candy and just wants to eat it all day and never play or exercise, despite his friends urging him to stop eating candy and play with them. One night before bed his wishes his last gummy bear will grow huge so that he will have a ton to eat. He then dreams about his gummy bear going on a eating rampage, destroying the whole town! In order to save the town he talks the bear into playing and exercising away all his jelly belly. The next day he wakes up with a new attitude and goes out to play with his friends.


The art is cute, bright and colorful. The story is well written and gives children a good variety of words to learn. It’s a really cute story and I enjoyed it a lot up until the last page which felt more like a dark precursor to him going back to his old ways or something. Overall there is a very good message of not eating too many sweets and doing a lot of fun physical activities. This book is good for any kids like Ronnie who like to over-indulge in candy and don’t want to be active. Also a good warning that sugar before bed can give you some strange nightmares.


I wish there had been a little more emphasis on moderation. Going from eating a lot of candy to zero doesn’t seems like a good long term solution. The same way diets fail, the child will probably fall back on old habits once the weight is lost and/or the nightmare forgotten. This is also an issue that is the parent’s responsibility as well, but nothing here really helps the parent to understand the importance of a healthy diet for the child, and how to control treat portions. Ronnie isn’t getting his hands on all that candy on his own after all. I’m not sure if all kids will understand the consequence because they aren’t gummy bears who eat houses, but hopefully the message will be effective to those who need it.

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