(REVIEW) The Haunting of Winchester Mansion

This book committed a heinous crime. And then apparently repeated it in the sequel. Read on to see why D gave this book 2 stars.


The Haunting of Winchester Mansion

(Book 0)

the haunting of winchester mansion book 0

Author: Alexandria Clarke
Category: Mystery & Suspense, Ghosts
Suitable for: Teen thru Adult
My Rating: 2 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 130

Description: Bodhi and Bailey Taylor are flippers. When Milo contacts them to buy his mansion they think they have found the perfect deal. Bailey quickly starts to think differently when the ghost begin to haunt her.

In Short: This is a ghostly adventure of two flippers. It is part of a trilogy and apparently the first 2 books end in cliffhangers. So, if you are interested in this one, better get the whole set.

Pros: This book has some good scary parts.

Cons: I couldn’t get into the two main characters of this book. This husband and wife team don’t sleep in the same bedroom and don’t get along but I was confused as to why. This book has some minor grammatical and proof reading errors but what I really didn’t like about the book is that it doesn’t have an ending. This book is only 130 pages but the author ended her book in mid paragraph. So if you want to find out what happens you’ll need to spend more money and purchase her next book.

reviewed by D sm

All three books, ending hopefully included!

In the small town of Black Bay, a vacant, forgotten house sits atop an overlooking bluff. When Bailey and Bodhi Taylor move in and begin renovations, the house seems perfect. But things move on their own, screams echo from the basement, and Bailey sees a shadowy figure out of the corner of her eye. Is the house haunted? And if it is, what does the ghost want with Bailey?


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One thought on “(REVIEW) The Haunting of Winchester Mansion

  1. sjhigbee says:

    Thank you for your informative review — what? She just broke off the book and expects the reader to rush out and get the next instalment? Hm — not happening…