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The Sea Was a Fair Master

the sea was a fair master calvin demmerAuthor: Calvin Demmer
Category: Horror Short Story Anthology, Thriller, Dystopian, Crime, Revenge, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Flash Fiction
Suitable for: Adults
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle copy provided for judgement in the Indie Horror Book Awards.
Pages: 83 (kindle) 130 (paperback)


This is a collection of 23 short stories/flash fictions of various genres, including horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and thrillers.

In Short:

This anthology features a big pile of super quick reads that I would recommend to anyone who likes short stories that are on the darker side. This book spans a huge variety of genres and feels and you will see everything from love to hate, and darkness to the light of hope. Overall I think this was a very creative collection that was quite entertaining, and I would recommend it and I would read more by the author.


There was a great variety in genres, villains and stories. Some were eerie, some were sad, and some had just a little bit of light and hope to them. I did like the larger variety of emotions. Some of the stories were really original and I loved that. There were also some good twists and surprises. There were some really great 5* stories in here. I really liked THE GUESTS which was a story about aliens that I found it to be really funny. I also liked EVOLUTION = CRIME, the characters were great in this one and out of all of them this is the one I really felt bad for the victim. These stories are perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time, they also make great campfire stories!


There could have been more ‘showing’ to give the characters, settings and monsters more realism. None of the stories with horror themes were scary because of the sort of matter-of-fact way they were told. In some of the stories a lot of plot is packed into very few words leaving the suspense and emotion out. Overall I did enjoy this book and the average stars I gave for all of the stories was closest to 4 stars.

Parent’s Guide:

Violence, murder, some strong language, most graphic content happens off-screen, blood and gore.

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