Where Book Review Requests Go Wrong – What NOT to do!

As a blogger I have received thousands of requests for book reviews. My inbox is very overwhelming. Sadly there isn't enough time to help everyone who contacts me and I have to reject most requests, when I even find the time to respond. So how do those lucky few get through? Today I thought I… Continue reading Where Book Review Requests Go Wrong – What NOT to do!


(ENDED) *Giveaway* Signed Copy of The Bug Jar by Ava Black @jlightbody11 #PsychologicalThriller #Giveaway

Hello awesome readers and welcome to another awesome giveaway! This contest will run from Oct. 14th to Nov. 4th, 12AM PST and is open to residents of North America. And the prize is... *drum roll*... A signed copy of new psychological thriller, The Bug Jar by Ava Black! More about the book and how to… Continue reading (ENDED) *Giveaway* Signed Copy of The Bug Jar by Ava Black @jlightbody11 #PsychologicalThriller #Giveaway

#ShortReadsSaturdays · Reviews

#ShortReadsSaturdays Mini(REVIEW) Out of Time by Milo James Fowler @mfowler76 #TimeTravel short stories.

Hello awesome readers and welcome to another Short Reads Saturday. Those special Saturdays when we knock short books off our TBR list. I am obsessed with time travel so I am excited to share today's book which includes 2 short stories featuring strange anomalies in time... enjoy!


(REVIEW) Illustrated Children’s Book – What You Gonna Do With All That Belly? (My Crazy Stories Series)

Just in time for those Halloween treat bags, an illustrated children's book about candy, and that you shouldn't eat too much of it! Ronnie loves candy and just wants to eat it all day and never play or exercise, despite his friends urging him to stop eating candy and play with them. One night before bed his wishes his last gummy bear will grow huge so that he will have a ton to eat. He then dreams about his gummy bear going on a eating rampage, destroying the whole town! In order to save the town he talks the bear into playing and exercising away all his jelly belly. The next day he wakes up with a new attitude and goes out to play with his friends...

Book Spotlight · Excerpt

*Book Spotlight & Excerpt* If I Die Before I Wake by Martii Maclean @MacleanMartii

Vreni is fifteen and cursed. The curse was placed on her grandmother centuries ago and has been passed down through the women in her family, so Vreni has slept and woken at the whim of the curse since her birth over a century ago. She is kept isolated from the world by her reclusive family, and yearns for a normal life- shopping, boys, even just being allowed to go to school. Her family grants her wish to spend a day in the city and her sheltered, predictable life unravels.


(REVIEW) Spooky Followers by S. Y. Robins

Spooky Followers Author: S. Y. Robins Category: Cozy Mystery Suitable for: Teen thru Adults My Rating: 4.5 Stars Format Read for Review: Kindle Pages: 407 Description:   This book has five short murder mystery stories. Spooky Followers Story One is about  a woman named Lorna that speaks with a man and then sometimes a woman on her… Continue reading (REVIEW) Spooky Followers by S. Y. Robins


(REVIEW) Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter by C.A. Verstraete #ihba #ZombieHorror

Hello awesome readers. Let's kick off October with the first of many HORROR reads! The following review is... brutally honest. Overall it was an entertaining read with some room for improvement. If you are planning on reading this book stop reading this review at the old-timey photos to avoid a few lil spoilers. Lizzie Borden,… Continue reading (REVIEW) Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter by C.A. Verstraete #ihba #ZombieHorror