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*Release Announcement* Beastly Deception by Ashley Elliott @aelliott1321

Hello awesome readers. Hope you guys are ready to have an awesome Halloween tomorrow! Also happening tomorrow is the release of this new book, Beastly Deception by Ashley Elliott.

beastly deception


Sixteen-year-old twins, Iliana and Landon Hargreaves, born to a noble family in nineteenth century London, are taken away from the only life they knew by slave traders. Brought to work in the palace of King Alexei, the ruler of the secret monster world, Nocturna, they must learn to adapt to their new lives.

The novella shows the events of the twins’ life in the palace through the eyes of both Iliana and King Alexei.

Iliana must find a way out of the kingdom while protecting her sickly brother from the monstrous king, no matter the cost.

Alexei must decide if loving a human man is worth risking his position as King and eventually, his life.

Who is the true beast of this story, Iliana or Alexei? Read BEASTLY DECEPTION to find out.

Prequel of NOCTURNA



A kingdom inhabited by creatures of myth, Nocturna has existed since before the dawn of history.

Valon Wess is unaware of this world like the rest of the humans on Earth. At least, he was until he’s kidnapped, joining Di and other humans on their unwilling way to Nocturna.

Valon becomes the Dragon King Alexei’s first male concubine in a nation where humans are slaves. With his arrival bringing many changes to this monstrous society, Valon must learn to accept his position in this strange, ancient country as well as deal with his blossoming love for a man of a different species.

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