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Hello awesome readers. I’m so glad I was able to knock another backlist book off my TBR! I haven’t been able to read many backlisted books because I’ve been so busy reading 2018 releases as a judge for the Indie Horror Book Awards but I saved this special book from my TBR just for today… Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a safe and fun day, eat some candy for me!


Uncle Vernon

uncle vernonAuthor: Jenny Twist
Category: Scary short story
Suitable for: Teens+
My Rating: 5 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
Pages: 30


Alison spends Halloween at her boyfriend’s dilapidated mansion with his large eccentric family. The family is nice enough and they try to convince her that Uncle Vernon is harmless too, but she isn’t convinced after her brief encounters with the strange man who seems to glide through the house like a phantom. He visits every Halloween but spends most of his time in the cellar and at the cemetery trying to get back something he claims he lost many years ago. What will Alison discover if she digs too deep?

In Short:

Jenny Twist is an awesome author, it fills me with so much guilt how long I’ve been sitting on her books. Don’t make my mistake, grab em and read em asap! This was a quick and super fun read. I recommend this book if you like spooky short stories. This is a tale set on Halloween when the dead will walk among us and the living will pay the price.


This was such a good story and very well told. It was creepy and exciting and had a very surprising ending. I loved the weird cast of characters and the house that seemed to be falling apart around them. I loved that Alison took it in her own hands to make the place more livable and comfortable for herself, since her boyfriend seemed so unphased by the missing window pane and hole in the floor of his bedroom! The character of Uncle Vernon is so mysterious and spooky. I love how old traditions and folklore surrounding Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, All Souls’ Day, was blended into this contemporary horror story. This story had the perfect vibe for Halloween but would be a fun story to read any time of the year, especially if you like spooky stories.


I have no notable issues with this book.


reviewed by O sm

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Also by Jenny Twist and on my TBR: The Owl Goddess

the owl goddess by jenny twist

Blurb: A novel based on the von Däniken theory that the gods were spacemen.
Set in the prehistoric Mesolithic age with the goddess Athena as a young girl and Prometheus, a young cave-dweller, as the main protagonists.

The boy watched the star fall. It fell very slowly, and it was not one light but a multitude of lights spinning lazily through the night sky. Then great silver fish flew through the sky and other mysterious lights began to appear on the mountain. At last a great thunderbolt struck the ocean. The sound was flat and hollow and unbelievably loud, as if a giant had stamped on the earth. And the sign of the Goddess appeared in the sky — the sign of the Sacred Mushroom. These are the events that mark the arrival of the Atlantis, the doomed starship, bringing new gods who would change the life of the boy and his people forever.