(REVIEW) Body of Christ by Mark Matthews


Body of Christ

body of christAuthor: Mark Matthews
Category: Christian Horror
Suitable for: Adults
My Rating: 3 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle copy provided for judgement in the Indie Horror Book Awards
Pages: 95


This is the story of 2 disturbed children who live across the street from each other. Each of them witness a parent’s death and the trauma causes them to behaves in insane ways. Faith begins giving her menstrual pads proper burials, and Keagan combines the flesh of his deceased father with communion wafers to create the body of Christ. After a year the fruit of their labor turns into a spiritual horror show.

In Short:

This is a bizarre, quick read that will leave you grossed out and possibly confused. If you like the idea of a horror story told with Catholic themes check this one out. It has a very over the top story with a B movie sort of vibe and plenty of slasher like gore.


The story was really unusual and very creative and unique. It’s a bit unnerving, unsettling and gross. The cover is awesome and I think depicts the story well. I can definitely say I have never read anything like this and probably will never find another like it. The bizarre turn of events were really shocking and original. If you read the book’s blurb on Amazon or Goodreads you’ll get a little spoilered but otherwise you would be really surprised by the turn of events. This was definitely a wild ride. I think the author is very inventive and I would read more by him, just maybe something with less menstrual and religious elements.


I didn’t find the story or characters to be very realistic or believable so I wasn’t very invested in it. Every key plot point was telegraphed so the build-up could have been better. Although the story picked up toward the end and got way more supernatural and exciting I thought the actual ending fell flat. The menses equaling dead babies thing was a bit too dramatic for me. Without spoiling anything I’ll just say I couldn’t suspend disbelief when it came to that bit.

Parent’s Guide:

Contains child abuse, suicide, death, murder, blood, gore, violence, and swearing.

reviewed by O sm

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3 thoughts on “(REVIEW) Body of Christ by Mark Matthews

  1. sjhigbee says:

    Eww… thank you for your informative, fair-minded review. I’m not a fan of horror and this one sounds like it crosses all sorts of lines…

    1. odbookreviews says:

      I’ll say, the author has an incredible imagination but this was a difficult/gross read.

      1. sjhigbee says:

        Yes… I gathered that!