(REVIEW) A Haunted Murder: A Lin Coffin Mystery, Book 1 by J. A. Whiting


A Haunted Murder:

A Lin Coffin Mystery, Book 1

a haunted murderAuthor: J A Whiting
Category: Mystery, Ghosts
Suitable for: Teens thru adults
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 199

Description: This story is about a woman named Lin Coffin that returns to the island of Nantucket where she grew up. After the death of her grandfather she inherits his home and decides to start a new life there. She purchases a small gardening business and lives close to her cousin Viv. As a child Lin would see ghost but she hadn’t seen any for twenty years. That all changes when she moves back to Nantucket. Just as Lin has moved to Nantucket a man that was trying to pressure her cousin Viv into selling him her home was murdered. Viv was fearing that the police would suspect her of the murder so Lin with the help of others including some ghost help solve the murder.

In Short: This story has interesting characters and a good story line that kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next.

Pros: This story is a good, quick read that has suspense, plot twists and treasure. The author throws in some back history of the Nantucket ancestors.

Cons: The characters and the setting in this book could have had more depth.

reviewed by D sm