Mini(REVIEW) Honger 2 by Terry M. West #ihba #indiehorror

Chloe is a drug addict and a prostitute that while in the throes of withdrawal is bit by a creature like a vampire but much more sinister. She finds her addiction has been replaced by an intense hunger for human flesh...

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#ShortReadsSaturdays (REVIEW) Dead Over Heels by @tbraun_author

Hello awesome readers. Today I am reading a book recommended to me by E. M. Jenkinson of The Ghastly Grimoire. Right away I recognized Dead Over Heels as a book on my TBR. What I didn't know was that I had miss-filed this book and had it sitting in the waiting room with all the full length… Continue reading #ShortReadsSaturdays (REVIEW) Dead Over Heels by @tbraun_author