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*New Release Book Spotlight* The Nowhere Junction: The Rootin’ Tootin’ Dark Elf Shootin’ Sequel by Rhett Sinnema

Hello awesome readers. Got an announcement today about a brand spanking new book! The Nowhere Junction: The Rootin’ Tootin’ Dark Elf Shootin’ Sequel by Rhett Sinnema was just released. This book follows closely behind Book 1 of the Spellbinder Saga, Artemis the Fey: A gun slingin’ fantasy adventure, that was released last month. To avoid giving you any potential spoilers I’m going to share the cover and blurb from book one and then reveal the cover of book 2 to you with links to find both books! Both of these books are novella length so if you are looking for some quick, fun reads check these out!

artemis Rhett Sinnema

Artemis the Fey:

A gun slingin’ fantasy adventure novella


Meet Artemis the Fey, daughter of the greatest Spellbinder Endris has ever known, all-round bad-ass, and a fairy out for revenge. Banished from the Moon Fairy Groves for using forbidden magics, she now hunts Vladimir the Iconoclast, aided by her crude but lovable bounty hunting partner, Giz, and her ever-faithful tiger, Denbei. It’s cover to cover action in this adventure about castoffs, bounty hunters, and magic in a unique and zany world featuring a flawed hero who will stop at nothing to find the Iconoclast, and hopefully prove the Fey, and the Fairy Goddess wrong!

the nowhere junction rhett sinnema

The Nowhere Junction:

The Rootin’ Tootin’ Dark Elf Shootin’ Sequel

Now Available on Amazon! Both books currently only $1.

Book 1 — Amazon | Goodreads
Book 2 — Amazon | Goodreads

Rhett SinnemaAuthor Bio:

Rhett Sinnema is a writer who specializes in fantasy and science fiction. He’s an avid gamer, reader, and canasta player who will often and in spectacular fashion find a way to put both feet in his mouth — euphemistically of course. *clears throat loudly*. Thrice.

He started reading fantasy books when he was eight years old. Fantasy and science-fiction are the genres that beckon to him from the rocks, running aground plans and commitments to the real world.

He’s fully committed to what he stupidly calls “this writing life” now, trying his best to make a success of it each day. It’s not easy for Rhett in a country with a tiny reading market (most published books in South Africa only sell a thousand copies) but he’s not giving up. He writes every day, trying to polish his editing skills, and can see his work improving with each project he finishes. (He thinks)

Reading is a great source of joy in his life. His only goal as a writer is to transport you to a new world. He says: “I find magic in the pages of a book, and if, even for a moment, you find magic in the pages of mine I’ve succeeded!”

You can contact him once you’ve subscribed through his (shoddy) website: where you’ll be notified of any releases or on his new Instagram @rhettwriter.


I hope you check these books out and if you read them let me know what you think! Don’t forget to follow to be notified when my review goes live for each book!


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